Come meet Sadie- my cream longhair doxie!

  1. Sadie is beautiful! I love, love her coloring! The rest of your babies are adorable too.:love:
  2. Ohhhh Ohhh... How cute..
  3. She is adorable- I have never seen a doxie with that coloring before. Really pretty!
  4. Thanks! I admit she is a handful, but I would not trade her for anything in the world-
  5. gorgeous pup, love her coat and eyes!
  6. How cute! My sister has a doxie too.
  7. Oh my goodness she is totally adorable!

    Congrats on your newest addition! How do you find it having 4 dogs. I have 2 right now and I really want another one!
  8. She's very cute!!! congrats!
  9. Sadie and her sisters are so cute!
  10. What a beauty!!
  11. I grew up with doxies in the house! She's adorable! :nuts:
  12. She is super sweet too! It did not take long for her to get used to us- less than a weekend. And she is getting along with her big far!
  13. Oh my I love her. I am so envious, 4 doxies!
  14. Congrats! She's so pretty!!