Come Meet My New MJ Dianee!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to some fabulous TPF'ers, I found out the Dianee went on sale on

    My WONDERFUL BF bought the bag for me for my bday! Although he won't actually let me use the bag until my bday (next week), I was able to take some pictures...

    Here she is!
    box.resized.jpg Dustbag.resized.jpg Dianee.resized.jpg buckle.resized.jpg suede.resized.jpg
  2. Beautiful!! I love the tiny pushlocks on this. Congrats, and happy birthday!!
  3. What a great bag! Congrats!!
  4. :balloon::balloon:Happy Birthday!! She is beautiful!!
  5. thanks, thithi, melly & mrsduck! I can't wait to actually carry the bag...the suspense is killing me!

    Oh- and I forgot to mention, the last pic is kind of dark, so you may be wondering what the heck it is...but I tried to get a pic of the brown suede lining of the bag.
  6. Oh how gorgeous!! :love: It looks so elegant. It's nice and roomy, too. I love the brown suede interior. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Gorgeous! I love its classic look and just like thithi said, the tiny pushlocks!!
  8. Beautiful bag--Happy Birthday!!
  9. it looks hot! happy birthday! :happydance:
  10. thank you, thank you, all! especially annabelle who first alerted me to the sale!!!:yahoo:
  11. Yeah, so glad you purchased her. Happy Birthday!
  12. Thank you! forgot to mention that dls80ucla was the other fab TPF'er who alerted me to the sale :graucho:
  13. Actually, it was thithi's post of the link to the Sweet Punk Sid that made me go check out I can't believe the SID is still there. Someone needs to snatch it up!

    Well enjoy your bag in good health!:smile:
  14. I love this bag. I was looking for one a while back, and a nice tpf told me where I could get one, but I was too late and it sold out. Congrats!
  15. Your Diane is very beautiful. Congratulations! I love those little pushlock details.