Come Meet My New Chocolate Leather Carly and give her some loving!!!

  1. I wound up shopping in a new boutique yesterday after noticing that my new Chocolate signature Slim Flap Ali had a defect...she dented in ALOT on ONE of her sides! I showed her to the manager of the boutique who confirmed this was a SEVERE defect and looked absolutely ridiculous when worn!! I didnt want to order another one b/c I REALLY need a bag that stands up on her own that I dont have to push down on to do that! So, I walked around the store trying to see what I could purchase in her place! I wound up LOVING the Chocolate Leather MEDIUM Carly after admiring her from a distance, yet never buying her b/c she was NOT my beloved SIGNATURE!!!! I always wanted my C's to show, and signature is low maintenance, so I rarely looked at leather, though I do own two older leather duffles that I will be passing down to my daughter as soon as she is of age to appreciate them! I tried on several other bags in the boutique (all chocolate signature, of course!!!) but to ME, Chocolate leather Carly already had that special place in my heart, so SHE came home w/ me!!!! The manager told me that Carly leather has absolutely NO upkeep so I dont have to be concerned about wearing her in all kinds of NY weather! I was VERY happy to hear that! Since I am a matchy matchy person, I needed a wallet to match her! So, I looked around and then remembered I had seen a REALLY nice chocolate leather wallet w/ brass hardware in my outlets the other day, so I quickly paid for my new Carly and drove to the outlet to find the wallet! They are the perfect set! My children gave me the new brass initial charms to symbolize their first initials for my bday, and they look GREAT on my new Carly!!! I know there aren't too many fans of leather Carly's here....but, I wanted to share b/c I am sooooooo excited about MINE after being soooooooo depressed over slim flap!!!!'s some eye candy! Thanks for looking!!!!!
  2. OOOHHH! I like the leather carly and I love the matching wallet!! I was looking for a good match for the carly and that is just perfect!
  3. :drool: looks like a Hershey bar!!
  4. Congratulations!!! :tup: Sorry to hear about Slim Flap but it looks like you found something better for you.. you wear it very well!!! :yes:
  5. delicious! enjoy her and use her well!
  6. She's beautiful! I just love that slouch!
    I can't wait to get mine at the end of the month!!! Thanks for the eye candy!
  7. OMG!!!! It's so gorgeous!!!!! It looks tastey! Good choice!
  8. Wow, I love it! Great choice!:tup:
  9. I love it! It looks fantastic on you! Congrats!
  10. AWWWW THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH, GIRLS!!!! I didnt think anyone really cared for this color Carly, as she isnt mentoned much!! She is a VERY rich color in person....JUST LIKE A HERSHEY BAR!!! YUM!!!!
  11. 1) I love the tattersall coach shopping bag, that's so cool!
    2) Matching wallet is a must for me too!
    3)Chocolate(sig or leather) is my favorite Coach color. I now worship it.
    4) The initials are so cute! I should get my mom an R(bro), E(bro), A(me) and D(dad)!
  12. That is a beautifly Carly! Congrats on your new bag and I hope that this one works out for you.
  13. Wow another new bag for you, congrats. I was wondering the style number on that wallet, also what's the name and price? Thanks!
  14. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! My kids overheard me talking on the phone and saying that Coach JUST came out w/ new brass initials that would match my new slim flap soooooooooo well!!! (slim flap hadnt even arrived YET., in fact she was JUST ordered!!!) and they told my hubby who took them to buy the J and M!!! That is why I HAD TO buy another chocolate bag!!! Besides the fact that I LOVE brown bags!! I also have their initials in nickel hanging on my Chelsea hobo! :tup:
  15. Oh your Carly and wallet are gorgeous! I LOVE that chocolate leather and the initials are just the perfect touch!