~~ Come meet my Mahina family (new additions) ~~

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  1. wow thats a pretty family!! Congrats!!
  2. what a wonderful and beautiful family you got! congrats!:smile:
  3. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!
  4. Just STUNNING :faint:

    I love the Mahina style - it looks gorgeous in every color.

    Drat, now I want one in black. :sneaky:
  5. i just came back to drool. :girlsigh: this picture is just heavenly. reminds me of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. :drool: i'm in love with your Mahinas!! [​IMG]

  6. LVoely family!
  7. Those are all extremely gorgeous bags!! you're so lucky to have the entire set, lol!
  8. You're right, it does remind one of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Yummmmmmmm..... :yes:
  9. beautiful! I hope to get a mahina someday... :love::tender:
  10. Your Mahinas look awesome...love them...I'm missing the chocolate color but have the Noir and Gris like you...however your Gris looks super light...almost white...is that just the picture/camera/flash...or is it lighter than the regular Gris?
  11. I think it must just be the flash. The gris is just the regular greyish white color.
  12. Congrats! I have the L in noir and I tried the chocolate today... you can definitely tell the difference between the two!

    I would love a gris too, but it would probably turn into a noir once I use it anyway.
  13. wow ur collection is TDF mahina bags are the hottest
  14. Thanks again everyone!
  15. keokicat - Can't stop it and keep starring if your Mahina family!!!

    Oh my, i wanna get mine soon!!!