Come meet my Lady Braid!!

  1. I was so excited when I could get my hands on a black baby cabas the 2nd time around. But unfortunately after just one use, the stitchings in the corner of the bag started to come undone. I was so disappointed! :tdown: So I exchanged for this Lady Braid to replace the cabas. Well, the bag came today, and I love it to death:heart:, the bag is truly stunning, but I think it may be too big for my 5'3" frame. I need a good size, everyday bag as I always have some kind of toys and snacks for my 3 little ones. What do you ladies think? Honest opinion please! ;)

  2. oops, double picture.

  3. ooooh it's so fab! i think it looks great on you. the cabas would've been great but this looks really nice on you too ;) it's so roomy and i think it looks more classy than the cabas (which i love since i have one but it has this more hippy slouchy look)
  4. Wow it looks gorgeous on you, even better than baby cabas. Enjoy your new lady braid!!!:nuts::tup:
  5. Oh it's GORGEOUS! I am 5'1- 5'2 and I love big bags. I guess it depends on what you wear it with and your own personal opinion on and confidence in carrying a large bag. I tend to dress either monochromatically or with clean lines and short hemlines and heels to give me the illusion of more height and with a slight edge and I think that helps with "pulling it off" in my own eyes.
  6. I :heart: this bag!!! I have it in gray color.... looks great on you! :tup:
  7. Congrats on your gorgeous new bag. :heart: I adore the lady braid ligne, so much that I have the satchel in 3 colors. I think the bag looks perfect on you and it's a terrific replacement for your cabas.
  8. BEAUTIFUL! I don't think it looks too big at all-great choice!
  9. For a big bag, I like the cabas better because it molds to your body. I find this one too structured.
  10. HUGE but GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous!!! I think it looks awesome :tup:
  12. Beautiful bag and it looks fantastic on you!
  13. congrats! i love the color and the way it looks on you! I know how it is, i have two little ones and i always have to carry little snack packs and little toys to entertain them.
  14. wow, it's gorgeous! congrats!
  15. looks great on you!Congrats!:smile: