Come meet my First loves!


Jun 9, 2007
Barely two weeks ago, I've never seen a Balenciaga bag. I tend to try different bags from different designers and so far I've been obsessed with Bottega Veneta. But I could not "collect" from that brand as my husband immediately recognized my BV the first time I used it (I couldn't believe how he did). So it would be too obvious if he sees me with some more Bv bags in the future. Although he says he doesn't mind, I still would prefer he doesn't know too much about the bags I buy! I got a little restless because of that and started visiting other subforums. And after seeing tons and tons of pictures from you all, I fell in love. Without further adieu, here are my "First" loves:

08 Anthracite First purchased thorugh e-bay from a very kind and generous TPFer

08 Sapphire First purchased through Balenciaga botique

I'm so excited and can't wait to use these bags this Fall! Thanks to Oogiewoogie for being so patient with my questions;)

Will try to post modeling pics later after i come back from errands.


Feb 10, 2007
Oh, they are gorgeous!!!
Enjoy your Bbags.. i assure you they won't be your last!!!


one is never enough
Jul 5, 2007
I *love* the anthra! great choices!
that's so funny about your husband... mine calls Balenciaga's "Kooba's" because that was my obsession before bbags. so he thinks i'm still on that kick (1.5 years later). he does realize they have been spaced out more. not sure if he realizes the $$$ factor is the only thing holding me back ;)