Come meet my first Bbag! :)

  1. I'm part of the club now! :yahoo:I just received my new to me Plomb Day and I absolutely love it! I'm so excited. It's super comfortable to carry and now I'm totally hooked. I've never felt such soft and lightweight leather before in my life.

    Also, random question, if you have a Day, how do you store it? Do you lie it flat, stuff it with paper and prop it up, or hang it on a hook? I keep going back and forth between hanging it on a hook and leaving it in a little puddle on my dresser since it has all my things in it. Thanks so much!
    IMG_7340.JPG IMG_7341.JPG IMG_7345.JPG
  2. Congrats!! Love the color and the leather looks yummmm!:tup: I'll leave the storage question to the ladies here who owns one.:p
  3. Congrats to you!!! I am still hoping I'll get a Balenciaga soon!!
  4. Oooh that leather looks spectacular! And that's my favorite shape-gorgeous!
  5. Woohoo!! Congrats!! Love the bag!!
  6. Congratulations! Day is one of my fave styles (next to City)!
  7. Congrtatulations on your first Bbag. It's really beautiful! Great choice and the leather looks FABULOUS!!!! I like to get those new straps loosened up as fast as possible, so I hang it over the arm of a chair. That helps stretch them so they get softer faster.
  8. Gorgeous day! Love the Plomb!!
  9. It's beautiful! It's such a great color alternative to black! Congratulations and enjoy!!!:tup:
  10. Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  11. Thanks everyone! I'm so smitten with my Day at the moment. :heart:

    And thanks for the tip powderpuff. I'm definitely going to try that and break in the handle!
  12. congrats! enjoy your first Bbag!
  13. cOngrats on your new addition~! :tup:
  14. Congrats!! The love the day style.
  15. :yahoo:CONGRATS TURTLE!!!!!!!!! It's stunning!!!!!!!!!:heart: LOVE IT!!!!:heart::yahoo: