Come look what I got today!

  1. I only went to Chanel Wynn today to pick up my black cloudy bundle that I had sent in to have refurbished. I thought maybe I would buy a credit card holder.....
    Somehow I ended up with the credit card holder AND THIS.....

    This is the tag info, anyone know what bag this is?

    And here they are together. The color is a pretty good match IRL.
  2. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  3. No idea what this bag is called, but congrats!!! Loving the chain handles and cc hardware!

  4. Congrats...what a great match! Enjoy!
  5. congrats!gorgeous!
  6. perfect match!! loveeeee that bag!!

    i believe that's the Ultimate Soft but I could be wrong!
  7. Congrats! The color is gorgeous!
  8. I love it too! It also comes in black, but I have several black bags already, so I got the beige. Only thing is, when I unpacked it the hologram was stuck to the tissue paper. It is pretty mangled after trying to unstick it. This is the second time this has happened to me.... what are the odds???
    I called the boutique and am going back tomorrow to trade for another one.
  9. wow -Beautiful bag!! congrats!!!
  10. gorgeous! they look great together, congrats!
  11. What I beautiful bag!! I have never seen a Chanel bag like this before!!
    IT is so cute!!
    COngrats on it!! If possible can you post a pic of you wearing it?
  12. Yes I do believe that's the ultimate soft. Beautiful! I never used to love Beige but I'm definitely giving in.
  13. This the "unquilted" Ultimate Soft and it's GORG! :drool:Congrats on a lovely new purchase Gina!! Great price too. :yes:
  14. congrats on your beautiful bag.