Come look .. my S/S 2008 men bag/wallet

  1. hey peps, u would never guess what i got :yahoo: I love both of them...:heart::jammin:

    make a quick guess before i make a quick reveal...:p

    Amous LV Bag 001.jpg

    Amous LV Bag 002.jpg

    Amous LV Bag 003.jpg

    Amous LV Bag 006.jpg

    Amous LV Bag 007.jpg
  2. oh poop i wish i was well versed in men's bags. hmmm...damier lune? that is one of them right? :lol: don't throw anything at me!
  3. Hmm pony hair, damier lune, bequia???
  4. oooh i wanna see pics!
  5. im guessing.. bequia!
  6. hmm bequia multiple and a soana trotteur!
  7. oh no quick i have to go to bed!
  8. I'll come back in 30 mins ...
  9. I'm always horrible at guessing. Can't wait to see what you got! Take the dust bags off and show us :smile:
  10. ahh I want to see!
  11. show it! show it!
  12. hurry please!!!
  13. here my NEW bag....:yahoo::heart:

    Amous LV Bag 004.jpg



    Amous LV Bag 005.jpg

  14. here my NEW wallet....:yahoo::heart:

    Amous LV Bag 008.jpg

    Amous LV Bag 009.jpg
  15. Very nice!