Come Look!! Cute Mulberry Pics!!

  1. Well,I'm not keeping it,but I bought one specifically to take piccies of!! I would love to keep it,but I can find absolutely no use for it whatsoever!! And the next keyring I really wanted is the cockroach!
    Don't say I never do anything for you!! Rushed pics so Andy would'nt catch me,enjoy the cutie!!:girlsigh:
    baby Bayswater!! 001.JPG baby Bayswater!! 002.JPG baby Bayswater!! 003.JPG baby Bayswater!! 005.JPG baby Bayswater!! 006.JPG
  2. Oh I love it, must get to Selfridges.....
  3. It is so cute! Thanks for showing us!
  4. oh chaz...........
    i knew you would get it in the end!
    i love it, its so cute!
    thanks for posting it, just makes me want it more!!!!!
  5. Oh I really want one now...
  6. Chaz,you will never be able to give it back!
  7. That is one cute keyring!
  8. Chaz,

    you are the most amazing woman! Moving into a new house, looking after a toddler (my daughter turns 2 next Wednesday, so I know what I'm talking about!) and posting perfect photos of this cute keyring! With size reference objects! Mulberry lovers from Germany thank you so much! :flowers: You should definitely keep it! You deserve it! :yes: I must admit your energy to do such things is an inspiration for me.
  9. Chaz - you are beyond words!!! Love it!! You have to keep it!!!
  10. Barbi sized bayswater. It's cute but way too much for my comfort factor. Great shots- thanks Chaz.
  11. You Are Hilarious And Fabulous Chaz!!!! Thank You So Much. Just Loved The Pics!
  12. Ladies,honestly I can't keep it,I can find absolutely no use for it,apart from the fact its damn cute!!! I bought it and asked at the time I handed my card over could I return it as its a 'present' and if it did'nt go down well,would it be ok to bring it back,the answer was yes.So I'll do some shots in the morning that are a lil more detailed and less rushed,and it goes on the ref thread,and then this lil baby goes back to Selfs!!!

    They also do them in black and choc,but you can see the details better on the oak.Even has lil brass feet,how gorgeous! But its going back,cockroach will be next,and its cheaper!
  13. thanks so much for the pics, esp those with the tic tac and card for comparison. it's really cute. i like the attention to detail like the little feet it has.
  14. Chaz, research queen! It's very sweet but completely barking!
  15. I agree- very sweet but totally barking! (are we talking about Chaz or the keyring!!!)