come look at this CHANEL bag!!!!!

  1. This is from W looks like white leather, and all the little circle things on the bag have crystals in them.......this is sooo gorgy!!!!!!

    ANd for only $4350 it can be yours!!!! So who here'll be getting this sweet baby???? :nuts:

  2. What a cute bag

    Hey those look like "Chanel washers" ..
  3. Soooo pretty!
  4. wow very pretty... four grand is a bit much for me right now though!!! i hope somebody buys one and posts.
  5. HAHAHA. Yeah, they DO look like Chanel washers. You can get 100 of them for $1 at the hardware store. OH gosh, I love the white with gold hw classic bags but the washers make it look tacky. The leather isn't caviar nor lambskin, it looks like stressed leather (reminds me of a white leather couch). It looks nice.

    note to Chanel: make this bag WITHOUT the washers!!
  6. It's cute!
  7. It's a novelty, so cute!
  8. That's so cute !!!! but so $$$$
  9. cute!
  10. Very unique!!
  11. I don't like it...those little circles look too...I don't know, they make me think of barnacles.
  12. Never be a flap bag fan before but this one is sooooooooooo cute!
  13. It's just too much - I agree - the bag without the crystal washers.
  14. Cute bag, cute washers... but it seems like it would be so passe after the season.
  15. yea, i think its too trendy for that kind of an investment.
    i would much rather pay money for one of the reissue bags.
    theyre classic.