Come look at the candy I brought home!

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  1. I was on a ban and hadn't gone into an LV store for over a month. Then I got invited to an event and figured it wouldn't hurt to go listen to some opera, drink some bubbly, and have a browse around - sounded like a nice little outing with my mom.

    So, we're there looking around and about five steps into the store, we notice these beautiful candy coloured pieces staring at us. It's been a while since I've seen any candy, so with the rumors going around about it being discontinued, I was doubtful I'd see much of it around anymore. Of course we were delighted and quickly asked to take a look at one particular piece that despite being something I initially really didn't think would suit me, was taunting me with a "Don't I look delicious?" :graucho:

    It's a style/size and colour that before seeing and holding it in real life thought didn't suit me and would never buy. But with my mom's encouragement (she has great taste), I gave her a shot. As soon as I held onto her, I was in love. :love: She was practically screaming "Eat me.."; so I couldn't help but take the bite. :angel:

    Any guesses on who she is? :blush:
  2. Pomme sunset blvd?
  3. Something in pomme?
  4. i'm going to agree with shalomjude. pomme SB. :smile:
  5. Pomme Alma BB?
  6. Pomme SB?
  7. I wanta see!!!
  8. OP where did u go?
  9. Alma BB?
  10. Brea pm ?!!
  11. Hello, Anybody home... pics please :yes:
  12. :useless:
  13. Tic...toc... :biggrin:
  14. i'm still waiting !!!!

    my homeworks are still waiting for me too lol
  15. :sleepy: