Come Look at my Valentine's Day goodies :)

  1. Yesterday I woke up to find a beautiful bouquet of red roses, an adorable stuffed puppy, the sweestest card and a tracking number . I tried to question DH as to what exactly the tracking number was going to lead me to but he simply wouldn't budge! SO therefore....I spent the rest of my day in contemplation and was quite frustrated. . I didn't think that it was something COACH since I was on a "no more Coach until your birthday ban." But then as in all happy endings, the Fed Ex truck dropped off a suspicious package...hmmm...what could it be???
    Could it really be? :nuts: YES!!!! Inside the package, all wrapped in tissue paper, was a Signature Stripe Patchwork tote! :yahoo:I knew right then and there that DH was a softy, my adorable softy :love: So much for my ban. :roflmfao:
    Roses.jpg Puppy.jpg Patchwork1.jpg Patchwork2.jpg Patchwork3.jpg
  2. Here are the rest of the pictures. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Love my new Patchwork! :love:
    Patchwork4.jpg Patchwork5.jpg
  3. AW!!!! What a SWEET husband!!!!! They do try to act tough....but we all know how they are deep down in their little hearts huh! :smile:

    CONGRATS! That's a cute tote! :smile:
  4. Yeah it was love at first sight when I saw her online...uhh I meant when I saw DH hehehe:love: I didn't think i was going to get her until my birthday.
  5. It is SOOOO cute! how adorable of him to do that! congrats on your new bag!
  6. Very sweet of him to do and that tote is REALLY cute IRL :yes:
  7. Congrats, too sweet of him and beautiful bag!
  8. congrats!!
  9. Congrats! I love the new spring patchwork!
  10. thats such a cute bag!! and what a cute husband to do such a sweet thing!!! any modeling pics??
  11. beautiful, congrat's.
  12. Very Nice. That bag looks so pretty. You're gonna look so springy. in the spring. ha-ha. Thats a very sweet hubby you have. Enjoy your new bag.
  13. Perfect bag for summer, super cute. I love the roses too.
  14. Very sweet!
  15. Awww...what a sweetheart...congrats on your new tote!!!