Come Look at My New Chanel !!!

  1. Isn't she grand ?:love: :love: :heart: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I want the brown Vintage Ligne tote next . It's so squishy , I just love it ! Light as a feather too !
    Picture002.jpg Picture004.jpg Picture005.jpg
  2. That's really pretty! I loooove python. :yes:
  3. She sure is GRAND :tender:. Congrats on a GORGEOUS bag :heart:.
  4. congratualtions!!!
  5. 0o0o0o i've never seen anything like this before... so dreamy!!!! :love: I :heart: it!!! :wlae:
  6. congrats, it's beautiful
  7. Thank you ! I love her !

    This is to date the smallest bag I own , but I couldn't resist . I just kept thinking about it after the first time I saw it . This forum doesn't help either . I seriously think this bag can go with anything , though . It looks fantastic with jeans !
  8. I was going to ask about the size of this bag. Is it the size of a classic flap or is it smaller?
  9. What a great investment. It is fun and young and classic looking all at the same time!!

    So is the python a lot lighter than the leather? Also what is the tassle made out of: leather or python?

  10. Lovely, I have not seen one of those before, congrats!
  11. The tassel is python and the weaving thru out the chain is python as well . It is lined in lambskin .

    The tag says Classic Flap Python . It's not really that small , it just is for me . I'm a tote girl .

    I think it may actually be heavier than the leather because of the tassel ?
  12. congrats, that's a nice bag, haven't seen that bag yet.
  13. love it:girlsigh:
  14. It's good to know the size. I really like my classic flap for days when I don't want or need to carry the kitchen sink, as most days my larger bags feel like there's a ton of bricks in them :rolleyes:.
  15. BTW , i meant the vintage ligne one was soft and squishy . I get so excited sometimes I just jump from one subject to the next .

    Funny thing is , this only happens when discussing clothes , shoes , and purses ??? Hmmmm.
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