come look at my dark red classic flap

  1. she arrived in town yesterday, but i picked her up this morning from fedex. she spent all day in the car, and of course, i could not concentrate at work.
    drove home really quickly and finally got to see her.....
  2. Where is she?
  3. hm... pic does not attach the first time
  4. Pretty! Congrats on the new bag!
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!
  6. Ooooh! Congrats!!! It's beautiful!!! :yahoo: Another one to add to my list!!! eeeekkk!!:P
  7. pupsterpurse, i pm-ed you back.
  8. thanks for the compliments ladies... i was actually torn between this and grenat b-bag.....
    i am extremely happy with my choice.
  9. ^ Rachel, you're on a ROLL!!! Don't forget the pretty lavendar one too ;)

    me_love_purses - CONGRATS!!! The color is soooo rich, I love it!
  10. Lovely bag, congrats!
  11. Oooh beautiful! I have such a soft spot for red accessories!
  12. wow that is so pretty!
  13. Thanks, me love! I just PMd you again. lol! Your purse is gorgeous!!!:yahoo:

    Mello_yello_jen--I'm not going to forget the lavendar one! Wait, which lavendar? The plum/violet one that you keep going back to(I've seen you on that thread!!! You know you want that one, too! Go for it! lol!) Or is there another gorgeous bag I need to know about?!? Ooooh!

    I'm drooling over me love purse's right now. It's such a gorgeous rich dark red. Is this color burgundy or dark red? Soooo pretty....:tender:
  14. the red is gorgeous! congrats!!
  15. It's a beautiful color red! Congratulations!