Come look at my collection

  1. Here's my Coach collection. Thanks for viewing. Please move this thread if I put it in the wrong area. Thanks.
  2. great collection so far! i love your legacy wristlet and your large carly :tup:
  3. I love your Chelsea patchwork hobo. I have the satchel and am seriously considering that style as well.
  4. Thanks. I did want the satchel at first but I think I have enough satchel already but not from Coach so I thought I want something different.
  5. love your collection
  6. That wristlet is super cute!
  7. Gorgeous collection!!! I love your Chelsea Hobo and your Carly!!!!
  8. i love the wrislet as well!!!!
  9. Very nice collection!!
  10. Nice and well rounded - especially like the Chelsea Patchwork!
  11. The patchwork is gorgeous, it really is a beautiful, well rounded collection! Congrats on such a great mix of beautiful purses.
  12. Lovely Coach pieces.
  13. Beautiful collection!
  14. :tup: Gorgeous collection!! I love all of them and would have a tough time deciding what to carry each day!

  15. Oh the chelsea hobo and your carly!