Come look at my collection - pics inside!

  1. Here are finally some pics of my LV collection. The pics are taken with a cell phone camera. I'll post more pics later, hope you enjoy it!

    My collection includes:
    - Pegase 60 mono
    - Keepall bandouliere 45 mono
    - Reporter PM mono
    - Naviglio damier
    - Loup noir damier geant
    - Agenda GM damier
    - Pocket Agenda mono
    - Pochette Accesoires damier azur
    - Ludlow mono
    - Compact zippé damier
    - Cles mono
    - Cles damier azur
    - Cles monogram groom
    - Ipod mini cover multicolor
    - Credit card holder mono

    I also have a multicolor noir bandana that isn't in this picture.. And as you might notice, my luggage tags aren't there at the Pegase and the Keepall, handed them in for heatstamping today :wlae:

    I've also got some more from Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana and Hermès, and I'll post more pics later :graucho:

    Hope you enjoy my pics! I luuuuv all my LV's :love::love::love:

    Fredrik :smile:
  2. Very nice collection. Love it.
  3. love it
  4. Thanks for sharing!:flowers: Love your collection!
  5. What a great collection!! i :heart: your groom cles!
  6. Great collection, thanks for sharing.
  7. Great collection!
  8. Nice Collection!
  9. Thanks! :yahoo:I'll post more pictures later, got only this one now..

    I'm going to NY in march, for vacation.. Expecting both LV and Hèrmes purchases :drool::drool:
  10. Gorgeous collection! I love them all!
  11. I love your collection! We're bag twins! (damier geant loup)
  12. lovely!! very well-rounded!
  13. Nice collection. Thank you for sharing.
  14. nice collection, congrats!!
  15. Great collection.