Come look at all my goodies (Amarante and more) + LV Travel Event in Oslo


Which is the best item of this post?

  1. The Amarante Pegase

  2. The Mono Carryall

  3. The Amarante Cles

  4. The Miroir Sneakers

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  1. Hi!

    I've been a bit absent lately, but now I'm back. There's been so much to do at work! Although I haven't been very active at the forum, I've been very active at LV! I'll tell you all about it, and follow up with all the pics. I've missed you! :graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:

    I attended the LV Travel Event in Oslo on June 19th. It was really great! I brought my friend with me, and we got to see the new waterproof keepall, got served some great champagne and really got to meet a lot of people. The SAs were all busy, but I chatted with the store manager and the media spokesperson in Norway, Anette Stai - she's such a sweetie, she used to be an international model.

    All of the guests got a complimentary small luggage tag which could be heatstamped with one's initials. This was done while we waited, and we got to look at the heatstamping machine, I found it really interesting :smile:

    We were all photographed as well, and got our photos in a lovely photoframe from LV.

    During the event, we got to do some serious shopping, my friend bought two pairs of shoes and a cute scarf. I actually bought my "item" earlier and wore it to the party. A pair of golden sneakers in golden miroir :smile:

    I also got on the list for the AMARANTE PEGASE 50, which I actually purchased today, along with the Cles in Amarante - I've got to tell you all - I'm in LOVE! The Pegase in Amarante is my favourite item EVER! :heart::heart:

    At last, I present one item which I've been wanting for so long, but needed some time to decide on - the Mono CARRYALL. I work in the fitness industry, and have been wanting a bag for my workouts, and I found it perfect as it fits my shoes, an outfit for working out, a towel and my toiletries. I've fallen in love with it too!

    I'll update my collection pics later! Enjoy! Hope you like my new items!
    LVParty.jpg LVParty2.jpg LVParty3.jpg LVParty4.jpg Sko1.jpg
  2. Wow !! Glad you had a good time......Im dying to see your amarante Pegase !!!
  3. Here's some more of the shoes :smile:
    Sko2.jpg Sko3.jpg Dlp4.jpg
  4. Here's the lovely Mono Carryall :yes:
    Pose1.jpg Pose3C.jpg Carryall3.jpg Carryall2.jpg Carryall.jpg
  5. And finally.. my Amarante items :graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:

    The Pegase 50, which is my best LV buy EVER, and is going to accompany me on board my flights from now on :yahoo:

    And the Cles.. who are just as stunning.

    I'll even post more pics of these items in my collection later, just had to make some photos now.. I got them today, and in Oslo they only got 2 pegases.. I didn't doubt it a second :p

    Just look at the box for the pegase, I didn't get one of these when I bought the Mono one. It's cute!
    Koffert1.jpg Koffert2.jpg Koffert3.jpg Koffert4.jpg Koffert-5.jpg
  6. The Amarante Cles - love them!

    And the dustbag for the Pegase :yes:

    I'm in love! What great items. In I've also got some great interviews for a possible new job in next week. :heart::heart::heart:

    BTW - If anyone in here attended the LV Travel Event - tell me! It would have been great to get to know each other!
    Cles.jpg Koffertdustbag.jpg
  7. Amarante Pegase is amazing!!
  8. Wow, stunning items! Love the Pegase!
  9. WOW!!!!! im jealous of the pegase
  10. congrats on all your new things!
  11. Wow!! Everything is gorgeous, especially that Amarante Pegase and the Miroir shoes!! Congratulations!!
  12. WOW !!! OMG that Pegase is hot !!! congrats !!!
  13. oMG!! love the Amarante Cles, and the Amarante Pegase is TDF! :drool:

  14. I LOVE the pegase! It's just gorgeous, you'll turn so many heads with it and your miroir sneakers!
  15. the miroir shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@

    yeah, you probably know my answer to the poll. lol.