Come laugh with me -- the worst fake I've seen!

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  1. omg 6 bids!!!!!! LOL YUCK!!!!:throwup:
  2. :push: :yucky: :nogood:
  3. hahaha, this actually deserves a thread of it's own. OMG:supacool:
  4. That is super nasty!
  5. wow, you are right this is by far one of the worst fakes i've seen. :wtf:
  6. OMG six bids on it!
  7. ew and already $50.
  8. O..M..G :yucky:

    A Stephen mated with a Cherry Blossom mated with a Sac Plat?

    How many bags do other people see here?
  9. OMG:shocked:
  10. You should report it, I report fakes on eBay all the time, mainly because I feel like people are getting defrauded
  11. wow, I really cant understand how people could think thats real? Louis Vuitton doesnt have the status it does for making peices of shi* like that!
  12. What a disaster! That bag is going to ruin somebody's holidays for sure!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.