Come ladies, help me choose!

  1. Hi, I'm new here so I need your help choosing the best coach bag for me. I've never owned any coach bag and I've not seen any of the collection here, in Germany. So, my only source is and you guys.

    I have budget of USD200. These bags caught my attention the first time i saw the new collection in the website:


    I'm petite, only 5'4". I want bag that not too huge for me, so is it small hobo, too small? I like bag that i can wear anywhere, anytime. My friend currently studies in US offered to buy me one so now, I can only choose those from the website. The signature attracts me better than the leather but I'm not sure myself. Is it hard to take care of coach hobo signature bag? And if you own any of the bag I mentioned, can u kindly post a photo of you wearing them. Please!!! I just want to see how it fit on shoulder.

    Thanks ladies and appreciate your help!
  2. I would say a small hobo would be a great price and perfect for you. I find that signature bags are very easy to care for. I like the second and last bag the best.
  3. I like the second last one.
  4. i like the chocolate sig one the best.
  5. Either of the last two...with a slight nod to the chocolate brown one.
  6. hmm.. it's really hard, in the end i'd say stick to whatever jumps out at you most.

    but for me, i'd chose the hobo.

    that style is more casual, as i am :smile: almost everyday anyways. more dressy occasions i have other bags for that

    the soho small flap w/buckle is for up style? like you can wear that with trousers or pants and blazer and it won't look too wierd.

    i really wouldn't say anything for you unless i knew how you dress and what's in your wardrobe.

    :sad: too bad you can't try these on in person!
  7. 2nd or fourth.

    Way I would choose is just stare at your closet.
    Are you more casual, bohemian chic or tailored and cropped to disleveled perfection? With that said Hobo for casual, and flap for casual chic that can be dressed up or down.
  8. i like the 2nd or the 3rd.
  9. #3 or #5
  10. I like the last one the best! In fact, I have it and it is verrah nize!
  11. I like #2

  12. The last one is GORGEOUS!
    Good luck and enjoy!
  13. The second one would be ideal for you. I also have it and it is perfect dor everyday use. It comfortably fits a wallet, cellphone, a mini skinny and some makeup. Plus, I am pretty careless so I tend to abuse my bags a little. Luckily, nothing has hapened to this one. You need to keep in mind that if you are placing an international order from, shipping is pretty expensive and they add a $15 surcharge for international orders...FYI...
    Do post pics when the bag comes!!
  14. I like the second and third one. I am sure you will adore any one of these purses! Good luck!
  15. Thanks a lot, everyone. Really appreciate all your help! I'm still deciding, but after reading all of your comment, I really like #2 and #5! Does any of you ladies own any of these small soho hobos or the flap?? I really want to see if it looks perfect on your shoulder. Can anyone post me photos of you carrying the bag. Please!!!!!!!

    diorlover, I wouldn't order it online. My friend from NY will try to buy it for me. Hopefully she would get it straight from the store :smile:.

    Thanks again everyone!!!