Come July, ELuxury won't be the ONLY online seller!

  1. So I just called to ask about an item and was told that will be selling online come July (that's what they are shooting for)!:yahoo:That's got to be good news to those that don't have a boutique near by!
  2. I heard about that awhile back, but it was just a rumor then. Thanks for the info!
  3. July of 2007? :nuts:
  4. ^:yes:
  5. You're very welcome.
  6. I thought elux was owned by LVMH it's weird that they will sell in 2 places or will they no longer sell LV on elux???
  7. haha .. just making it more accessible to spend more money! :smile:
  8. Yay! Thanks for the update!
  9. hmmn- it is rather odd. They'll probably ship from the same wharehouses as well.
  10. Will this mean bigger inventory? I know eluxury is limited to the US, will be able to pull stuff worldwide?
  11. thanks for the news! i hope selection and inventory will be better under the ecommerce site than elux. appreciate the info!
  12. Does that mean they can now post to Canada? But I will stick w/Elux b/c r****** and tax free unless it's those LE :P:, btw will LE be posted on or still WL in local boutiques only?
  13. I think for those of us with LV stores in our states it will mean having to pay sales tax...which we don't on elux.
  14. Oh my! I'm excited since has a better selection!
  15. ^-- exactly my thought! has ALL LV items! wow!!! how fricken exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!