Come join the *turquoise '08* countdown and share your favorite blue pics!!

  1. I am less and less patiently waiting for the '08 turquoise I haven't even seen a pic of yet! :hysteric:I'm thinking of getting an SGH Day, a rh City or Step and a rh money wallet, crazy I know but it's my favorite color and who knows when the next turquoise will be out!! :sweatdrop:

    There must be some of you out there also waiting for anything turquoise, right? Please join me here and share your favorite Bal blue pics in the meantime to tide us over!



    '05 teal (sold), '06 blue india, '05 turquoise :love:


    ... and a '07 aqua First :love:

    Please share yours !! :woohoo:
  2. I am also waiting patiently for an rh turquoise city....

    For those of you who already have turquoise '05, how wearable is this color? It is so :drool:

    What is the ETA? For turquoise? Is it February or not until March?
  3. i'm dying to see the 08 turquoise too, they'll have it only around march at the printemps shop!! it's so cruel to have to wait that long!!!!
    BTW your turquoise 05 first is realllllllyyyyyyy beautiful south of france.
  4. Shasta - it's very wearable if you like cooler neutrals such as black, grey, beige, white, blue, brown as basic wardrobe colors :yes:

    Thank you delmilano, I'm hoping the new turquoise will be "electric" and not pastel-y as well!!

    Feb/March? Oh my!! I thought they'd be available in Jan/Feb!! :hysteric::crybaby:
  5. i still don't know which style i'll get, will try them on and see, for now i want a turquoise day but i'm sure a turquoise work will look fab!
  6. I think it will be a fabulous color, so I think I will get a RH City. I just can't get away from the City! LOL! Not IRL, though! :heart::heart:

  7. Shasta, as 'C' south-of-france already mentioned - I totally agree: the '05 turquoise is absolutely perfect wearable with almost everything and year around (IMO) :tup::love:! I STILL LOVE it and it's one of my top favorites ever :heart:! The turquoise looks HOT with white and cream in Spring/Summer but also with all kind of jeans/blue/brown/black aso. aso. and it can be combined so well ... :rolleyes:



    DSC00645.JPG DSC00902.JPG DSC00903.JPG
  8. Hehe...i cant wait to see the new turquoise!!!!
  9. s-o-f, your blue family is gorgeous but i LOVE your 05 turq first!! :drool: :drool: it's such a beautiful blue.

    and firstclass, ahh you keep tempting me with all your lovely turq goodies!! :biggrin: that chanel jacket is so beautiful!!
  10. Shasta, i love my 05 Turquoise Day and I completely agree with Southof France and Firstclass. It is totally wearable! My wardrobe is filled with mainly neutrals and it really adds a great pop of color. It also works very well for pieces that have a hint of blue:smile:

    Firstclass, I LOVE your Chanel ensamble!!!

    I'm so happy with my Day that I don't know if I will want anything in the 08 Turquoise. Maybe a CP:smile:
  11. 05 Turquoise is DA BOMB!!!
  12. THANK YOU so much dear pluiee and hipnycmom :flowers::winkiss: you're so sweet !
  13. firstclass, your turquoise is GORGEOUS! and you are very elegant in chanel, your turquoise is my benchmark, i want 08 turquoise to be as beautiful as yours

  14. Awww delmilano, thank you so much for the nice compliments :love: I'm embarrassed :blush:! I'm pretty sure the new '08 turquoise will be as beautiful :yes:;):tup:! I hope you'll get it soon! Which style do you want in this color ?
  15. firstclass, i really mean it, you are a first class lady. love all your bags and style. :yes:
    i want a turquoise day but your beautiful work makes me want a turquoise work too.
    i'll have to wait until march before the stores in paris bring turquoise in. the waiting is such a torture.