Come join the Pom Pom Club

  1. Where can I get a Pebble Pompon with Gold stud? I live in DC, there isn't a store here and I don't see this online :sad:
  2. They have it in Bal London, I was there last week and got my Poupre GGH Pom. I can give you their email/phone if you are interested?
  3. purses & pugs: yes, i'd love to have their email/phone #, thanks so much! do you know if they will ship to US?
    you look great in the Pourpre GGH Pom! now I'm debating if I should get that color!
  4. No prob, I'll PM you! Don't know if they'll ship to US, but I would think so because I know they ship to Australia:smile:
  5. purses & pugs: Thanks so much, I've got the email and phone #. I think the reason why you can't PM me is because I'm too new to the forum (it says I need to have 5 posts before I can do PM), and I couldn't reply your message either, so I'll do it here :smile: THANK YOU!
  6. Hi I'm 1.57m ... But I like the pom sling just below my hip ;)
  7. Here's my '09 Black RH Pom Pon


  8. Thanks Realbuyerhub. Mine will be arriving some time today, it is now enjoying the ride with the UPS truck :nuts:
  9. Pom Pon is a bit heavy with giant hardware, but who cares - it's stunning!


  10. My Galet GGH Pom Pom with my matching Galet GGH Money Wallet! Yay!!!

  11. 2shai - we are bag twins! love yours! and the matching wallet!!
  12. 2shai & wonderwoman9, I love that bag! I wanted that bag so bad but they are all sold out :sad: I got myself one with silver hardware instead...
  13. This bag is stunning! :nuts::nuts: I am getting the same combo in raisin but I believe the sapphire is more stunning!
    Love this color combo, congrats and enjoy!:yahoo:
  14. clarimond OMG!! Your Pom Pon is tdf. Amazing combo. Love it!! :ps:

  15. have you posted a pic? i'd love to see it w/silver hw!