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  1. Can someone help me to measure the length of the shoulder strap?
  2. I don't have tape measure with me at the moment. But I am 160cm . The shoulder strap is just a bit too long for me ( I prefer the strap length for PT). I just remove the strap and work the bag like a shopper tote.
    hope this helps a bit:biggrin:
  3. Hi there

    It helps! Thanks!
  4. Do you all think Pom will look great with Noix in RH? I love Noix but always thought the Pom looks better with colors than neutrals.
  5. Yes i love the Pom and I love Noix. I think it will look good in Noix rh. Good Luck in yr search!
  6. Gorgeous distressing!
  7. The Pom looks great in GH--the proportions of the bag look really good with larger hardware. Great pics everyone!
  8. Hi all,

    I'm new at this. This would be my 1st bal bag so I'm needing all the help I can get!

    Love the shape of the bag and am contemplating getting it shipped from overseas (anthracite, gold hardware).

    However it's alot smoother than I expected (are there different batches?) and the colour (anthracite) is alot lighter than I thought too. (I have a picture but for some reason I can't seem to upload it)

    I'm assuming that all anthracite pompon with GGH would be the same, so there's no point comparing between stores. Erm, am I right?

    Also, I'm only aware that pompon with GGH comes in black or anthracite. Are there other colours avail? (yes I'm a noob)

  9. [​IMG]
  10. It's gorgeous! Galet?
  11. yes galet! thanks! i love love love the color!
  12. 2010 Sanguine RH POM POM
    IMGP4651.jpg IMGP4678.jpg IMGP4686.JPG IMGP4675.jpg
  13. WonderWoman, I love your Galet GGH POM!!! I want one too! The GGH and Galet POM is TDF!!!
  14. Thank you Tokyo! Your sanguine is awesome too! Poms are such a fun style!!
  15. 08 Ruby SGH Pom Pon