Come Join the ORANGE Club!

  1. As requested by AnnMok! Please post all of your orange or orange-ish bags!

    Here is my Pumpkin (orange) 04 twiggy...AGAIN. Sorry for the same ole pics, LOL!

  2. Dear Blue_Hour_Girl...

    should i post my rouille again in this orange club? :p

    your twiggy is so beautiful...!! by just :nuts:looking at it make me happy
  3. Only one orange:greengrin:??? Beautiful! Congrats Blue Hour Girl !!!!
  4. Here's my 07 Paprika / Rouille Part-Time
    07 Paprika Part-Time.jpg
  5. 07 Paprika City:
  6. i've been posting this all over the place today since i just got it...

    '06 Rouille City
  7. ^i like it! 06 rouille is beginning to suck me in big time. is yours pre-loved or brand new? where from, pray tell? tia! CONGRATS, btw!
  8. thanks, glossie! it's preloved and from a great seller on fleabay. the color IRL is really pretty, i'm a bit surprised it's not more popular!
  9. ^thanks! i can't buy from *bay unfortunately. i guess orange isn't very popular all along. most would prefer a true red. i'm mightly tempted to send in my order for a Rouille WE! :sweatdrop:
  10. Here's my 04 Metallic Orange Mini Twiggy!:yahoo:
    P1050209.JPG P1050211.JPG
  11. Blue_Hour_Girl, your pumpkin Twiggy is very eye-catching!
  12. some orange comparison photos (the first belongs to our dear glossie :smile:)



  13. ^just saw this, pluiee :nuts: thanks for posting up the comparison pics. hey, when're you going to model your WE for us? :supacool:
  14. Let's see some Mandarin bags ladies!!!
  15. No Mandarin bag but I have a Mandarin coin that I love!