Come Join the NOIX Club !!!

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  2. What a great idea to start the club !! I post mine :
    Noix GSH Work :heart:



  3. lol congrats girls on your noix bags,it is just a creamy cappuccino colour:drool: i want one too
  4. My Noix Pencil:heart:

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  5. So I am NOIX crazy!! Here are all my babies :heart:

    Noix Club RH and Compaignon Wallet


    City RH

    Noix Pencil RH -a gift from a very dear friend :hugs:
  6. I love noix! Noix GGH city:

  7. Why did I ignore this colour when came out...:hysteric: Noix is very very pretty colour!!! I definitely want one :love: Thanks for sharing everyone !!!
  8. the same for me tokyo ...this colour is growing on me,isn't it yummi? :drool:
  9. Ooh all of them are so pretty! i know that its hard to capture the true color of the leather.. but can someone tell me which picture here captures it the best? starting to give up the search for galet but this color is really growing me on me now as well after seeing all these pics..
  10. my noix first

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  11. OOPS, I did it again... Noix Besace GCH. I am officially Noix-crazy :love:


    Up close:

  12. violetgirl:

    Is that the Besace from HGBags? I had been stalking that one, too! It looks so lovely in your photos. I love how the CGH and perforated leather give the messenger style a feminine detail.

    Congrats on such an amazing, unique find!! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. I'm really loving this color!!
  14. Yes, I got her from Erica!!! The leather is just awesome on this one :smile: Thanks:P
  15. Magjes-You need some Noix:nuts: You will love it!!

    BTW- I love Winston