!!!****come join my birthday reveal****!!!

  1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen ! Though my birthday is not until thursday, my third pair came today. I cannot wait that long to do a reveal so here they are :p
  2. First up is Decollete 100 which my bf gave me (some of you may have seen)
    IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0122.jpg IMG_0123.jpg IMG_0125.jpg
  3. Iriza in black suede 100.
    I saw these in Harvey Nichols Manchester, tried them on but walked on empty handed because I thought I have too many black shoes already. A few days later I felt gutted for not buying them. Came back, they were gone. I asked a SA there and he said it was on hold for someone else until 4pm. It was 2pm then. I waited for 2 hours. That lady never turned up to buy the shoes and so I came home with these beauties:p:p
    IMG_0126.jpg IMG_0127.jpg IMG_0128.jpg IMG_0129.jpg
  4. a few more pictures
    IMG_0130.jpg IMG_0131.jpg
  5. And lastly. A very very special pair. I went through a lot to get them ... Piaglle 100 glitter rose antique... My first glitter shoes :heart::heart: love them very much
    IMG_0132.jpg IMG_0133.jpg
  6. :p:p
    IMG_0134.jpg IMG_0135.jpg IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0139.jpg
  7. and a final group shot. thank you for letting me share :smile:
    IMG_0141.jpg IMG_0142.jpg
  8. WOW!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
    Amazing purchases, love them all!!!
  9. Thank you very much sweetie :kiss:
  10. Gorgeous shoes! Love them all :loveeyes:
  11. I'd say you're celebrating your birthday in style! Congrats on some gorgeous shoes! :smile:
  12. thank you shoesnbagsgirl :kiss: you're very kind

    thank you debbi. its my once-a-year excuse to spoil myself without anyone complaining :giggles:
  13. Love them all, congrats and happy birthday! The rose antique glitter are to die for! Sounds like the best birthday ever to me! I had a similar CL shopping spree on my birthday 2 years ago, it was great!:smile: This year (my B'day is in September) I felt shoe content, so I went for bags instead!
  14. amazing!
    love it!
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    Amazing pairs! Congrats and Happy (early) Birthday!!