Come into my closet!

  1. Gals, as some of you know Mr Rocker has had his man suite for a while (work out room, media room, pool table and little wine cellar) and poor Rocker's personal space has been the laundry room. What many of you don't know is that I've been dreaming of a princess closet since I was a little girl. I love handbags, clothes , shoes, other accessories.
    So, I parlayed the need to expand our family room into a closet project as well. It is not quite done yet ...full length 3 way mirror on the way and my handbag shelves have glass doors covering my babies from dust...but I'm just busting with excitement and have to show you!
    So c'mon gals and step into my closet with me!
  2. Ooh, yes, let's see it! I would kill for a decent closet myself :girlsigh:
  3. F5, F5, F5, F5, F5!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. Oh MAN, too!!!!!
  5. When you first walk in there is a little entrance way with built in jewelry drawers and also accessory drawers. I forgot to take a picture of them and Mr Rocker has my camera. Next you enter into the main room...
    [​IMG]I love leopard print so my chair is leopard print and then I have a soft pink ottoman. OooooH, and look at my baby chandelier!
    IMG_3220_1.JPG IMG_3221_1.JPG
  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I would love to live in your closet. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!
  7. Now ofcourse I had to have space for my H collection and Chanels. The glass doors will be over these cabinents but they haven't come in yet.
    IMG_3224_1.JPG IMG_3222_1.JPG
  8. ^^^Hey, you DID get a Kelly!!! What are the blue and white bags? And I love how the foliage has changed outside your window.
  9. :drool::drool::drool::drool:Love it!!
    LOVE IT...LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    SO PRETTY! congrats on your new closet! its TDF!
    and the bags look so pretty sitting there!
  11. I also have a fetish for jeans, black pants, wrap dresses, leather jackets, cashmere, camis and tanks....
    IMG_3223_1.JPG IMG_3225_1.JPG IMG_3226_1.JPG IMG_3227_1.JPG IMG_3229_1.JPG
  12. Awww.....RockerChic, you are SOOOOO very lucky!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I want a princess closet too (we have 2 extra bedrooms, not being used!!) and my DH said "NO!" Can you believe it?! ERGH! :boxing::boxing:

    Good for you, it's awesome!!! :woohoo:
  13. Just beautiful.

    My house is so very small and make that my closet is as well. It is loaded with everything, but clothes. (I have ever holiday decoration in there and things I have to hide from my little ones) I really can appreciate your closet. It is lovely and I am envious.
  14. ...and I love shoes! I especially have a thing for black boots....
  15. I should post pics of my closet..................for laughs!!!!:lol: