Come in, let's chat about our multiples

  1. It seems like there's quite a fewof us, I'm always excited to see people post that they have twins +
    Let's get to know each other a little better!

    Mine are just over 3 yrs old now, they're frat boys :biggrin:

    I found out VERY early because we were trying hard to conceive. So as soon as I got a positive HPT my OB had me come in to confirm.
    We did a vaginal U/S and there were 2 little blinking heart beats there:cry:
    I was SO excited!
    We actually sort of thought we might have twins for some reason.

    Here's my fun facts:
    DH is Italian
    We were in Italy traveling whle I was ovulating, we just arrived in Rome when I had my 'surge' so I made DH, well, you know! ;)
    We were SOOOO tired as we had traveled on the bullet train all afternoon, but it couldn't wait!
    Fast forward 8 months, my boys are born, sign of Gemini which is the sign of twins.

    So I conceived twin boys in Rome, the city founded by twin brothers w/ my Italian DH and they born in the Gemini sign. . . .
    it was written in the stars for us!:love:

    Cheeseball? Absolutely, but most of us Mommies are pretty cheesy when it comes to our offspring!:lol:
    I also have an amzing 6 yr old little girl who has me pretty mesmerized:love:
  2. I only have one, but one of my good friends has...triplets!! She and her husband are from Pakistan and came over for grad school. Needless to say, she didn't get much grad school done after she found out that she was going to have 3!

    Dealing with everything after the birth etc was VERY stressful for her, and her in-laws came over and helped for a while. I met them quite recently (they are now 3 years) and they look absolutely adorable. They are quite alike though they are fraternal triplets. My friend is in her late 30s and I've heard people say that your likelihood of having multiples increases after a certain age? Not sure about this..
  3. ^yes, it's true:yes:
    Where is everyone!? I know there's at least 5 of us!
  4. I don't have twins (no kiddies, yet, actually!) but I wanted to stop in bc my SO's mom is a twin!

    When I found out SO's mom is a twin, I felt just a little faint... and I also understand that the chance of multiples increases as you get older.

    LOL... I don't know whether to be scared or excited! Part of me hopes it skips a! Twin grandkids sound a lot less scary!

    Swanky, ur boys a sooo cute!!
  5. Here are my sons:heart:

    They are 4.5 years old. Best of friends. They make me so proud.
  6. Swanky, I love all your fun facts--truly written in the stars!
  7. I haven't given birth to twins, thankfully :p, my singleton is keeping me busy enough. I have a twin sis, though. Here are Candi and I at 16 years of age.
  8. ^^You and your sis are so pretty!
  9. you guys are gorgeous!! Which is you?

    Junkenpo, thank you! Maybe it will slightly to relieve you to know that it's the woman/mother that determines whether there'll be multiples or not, not the DH. It's the womans' egg that either drops twice {fraternals} or splits for identicals.

    beautifulday, their eyes are beautiful! Are they just insanely pretty IRL?
    You should be proud!
  10. Aslan , you and your sister look beautiful! Are you the one on the left? I think your son (if I remember his picture correctly) looks a lot like you.
  11. that's what I was guesing too Merika!
  12. Thanks!

    I'm always the more conservatively dressed one! :smile:

    Thanks. Yes, that's me on the left. I do think my boy looks a lot like me. We have the same huge insect eyes.:lol:
  13. I know what you mean- my bf is an identical twin, with identical twin cousins and his grandma was an identical twin

  14. I think men like to think twins are because of them, but they're NOT ladies!
    I know my DH strutted around teh house all proud of himself when we found out :lol:
    Don't be scared!
    He determines the babies gender, you determine how many!