come in for a new guessing game~~~hohoho

  1. hi hi hi~~~~

    i'm so excited to show you gals this... but like others, i'll keep you gals guessing for a bit....

    here is one hint..... her waiting list is pretty long...

    ok, here is the 1st bunch of pix




  2. Trevi?
  3. tivoli pm/gm
  4. Trevi!!
  5. undress undress the bag!
  6. Tivoli? Only because I want one and yes, the list is long!
  7. Start stripping her please! :woohoo:
  8. take it off!
  9. TIVOLI PM!! :p
  10. REVEAL...:nuts:
  11. Tivoli GM or's got to be one of the two!!
  12. Tivoli?

  13. woo hoo!! i got it right!!! congrats, she's lovely!
  14. wow!!! congrats on that beauty!!!