Come in and relax! A place for us new moms!

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  1. This is a spin-off of Swanky's Multiple's thread, so I hope it's okay that I post this!

    I thought this would be a great place for first time moms and other new moms (to 2nd, 3rd, etc children) to chat about our kids, milestone's that they have reached, and how they are doing all in all!

    I'll start off with my Julia:

    We had our first parent & baby swim class today, and she did very well!! :smile: We have had her in the pool before, but on a raft and for a very short period of time. During this class, we actually put our babies in the water and kinda played "boat" with them. It was good fun! We're going back next week. It's going to be a great opportunity for Bart and I to do something together as a family aside from just the regular being-together stuff.

    As far as development goes, everything is right on track! We're doing well with breastfeeding, which is great. She's been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now, but she wakes up maybe 2 or so times a week in the middle of the night for a small feeding. But all in all :tup:

    Here's a quick picture that Bart took today while I was putting her bikini on. hehe, she was 1/2 asleep in the picture!
  2. Holy cow my boobs look huge! :wtf:
  3. ^She looks so cute in her bikini!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  4. Gotta love Gymboree!!!! :biggrin:

    I can't wait until your little one gets here. How are you doing?
  5. omg Julia is beyond adorable :smile:

    big boobs aren't a bad thing:p
  6. What a cute pic! I love the bikini.
  7. OMG I'm *dying* at the overwhelming amount of cuteness in this picture. LOL
  8. How are your new babies sleeping at night? How many night feedings/bottles are you giving them?
  9. Julia's sleeping well. She sleeps through the night most nights, but occasionally has a night where she gets up once (usually at around 2 or so) to nurse, and then she konks right back out. I usually go to bed at around 11, but Julia gets a feeding before she goes to sleep (varies between 9 and 11), if she heads to bed earlier she may wake up before we even go to bed and nurse again.

    We've been quite lucky not to have too many nights where Julia is up screaming *knock on wood*!
  10. Lami!!!!! OMG!!! she is beyond adorable!! I love love love the bikini on her!!! :girlsigh: :heart:

    She seems really docile- the sleep schedule she has is amazing. Good for you!
  11. She really is! She's very laid back and relaxed, and seems to have a very "whatever" attitude...Except for when we change her clothes, she doesn't like that. lol. Overall a very happy and laid back baby!
  12. She is adorable!

    I have also been lucky with my son's sleep schedule. He goes to bed by about 8:30 - 9pm and wakes at about 7:30am. He'll have his milk, and then sometimes will take another quick nap right after. He is our last one so we are really enjoying all these little lasts and firsts.
  13. Doing great! Baby's kicks are getting stronger and stronger..and climbing stairs for me is breath taking - literally! lol.:tup: Nine more weeks til I give birth.. I'm scared and excited at the same time!
  14. That's great for him & for you!! Gives you some time to spend with dad in the evenings/nights and allows you to sleep in in the am!

    We're all excited for you!!! :biggrin: Try not and be too scared and just enjoy the process as much as you can, you'll do great! :tup:
  15. ^Thanks Melanie! I can't believe Julia is almost 3 months old!!! Where does the time go!?