Come in and meet Grey!

  1. My sister's friend dropped him off last night. We've already bonded...he follows me around everywhere. lol. He's so cute...

    here are some pics at my bf's house...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. haha he's pretty cute!!
  4. Love him! Are you babysitting this precious guy or is he yours for keeps?:heart:
  5. such an adorable baby!!
  6. What a sweet face!!! SO cute!!!

    Is he yours???
  7. Hes so cute! Are you babysitting or keeping him?
  8. So cute! What kind of dog is he?
  9. he's mine! he belonged to my sister's friend, but her father didn't like dogs. he ended up staying in her room most of the time. she thought that it wasn't fair to the dog to be kept there so she decided to give him away. he's a good dog...and so cute!
  10. ooo hes cute
  11. He's a cutie. It makes me happy that he will be in a home where he's given more freedom and affection. I'm sure your friend loves him, but I believe they can sense when others don't like them. He's a lucky boy and I applaud her for being so unselfish and you for giving him a good home.
  12. Congrats on the new lil' guy. He is adorable! I love his tri-colored fur and haircut. You are very nice to give him the loving home he deserves. :heart:
  13. Aww.. he is so cute!!!! What kind of dog is he??
    By the way, nice couch.
  14. haha too cute, I see a puppies book and the training pads. Tell me if they work. I tried using them with my puppy, but well, he just ripped them apart into millions of pieces and pooped like 10 feet away from it. lol..
  15. That is great! It's nice you can give Grey a good, loving home!:heart: