Come here for HUGE HUGS!!!!!

  1. No talking allowed. I guess this time of year always gets to me.
    If you need a huge hug or encouragement, please come in.....if you need to elaborate further, PM me or start your own thread or just come in here and ask for someone to PM you.....I have hugs for days.............
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I'm sorry, besides people, animals have the warmest hugs!
  4. awww Shoo! You're so sweet! :heart:HUGS:heart:

    :tup::tup: to this thread!!!!
  5. Big hugs to QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ^^^
  7. *HUGS* Shoo!!!!!!!

  8. Ya, Candace could definitely use some hugs!

    SHOW ME THE LOVE!!!!!!:love:
  9. ((((((((big hug))))))))) XXX
  10. {{{{{{((((((((((((((((Lothlorien)))))))))))))))))}}}}}}} !!!!!!

    I need a hug because I have tried posting pic for the last hour and a half and I am about to throw this laptop against a wall and step on it with my stilleto heal....... annooyyyyeeedddd.....also someone is one hour late for a meeting (which is fine because I am spending time on here!!) so hug me.....
  11. Shoo hugs are the best hugs![​IMG]
  12. aww thats so great of you bagnshoo:love:
  13. {{hugs}}
  14. I could use some hugs!

    **passes out hugs to all!**
  15. {{{((((big hugs for coco))))}}}

    i hope you get them pics sorted sweetie! XX