Come here, come see my random loots (PICTURES!)

  1. Yesterday, I went in LV wanting to purchase a saleya pm, but came out with these instead...

    (pardon the pictures' quality, I am bad with pictures...)

    Now I think I need to get a mini lin speedy to match my shoes, lol, but I think that might just be too much! I was thinking a simple black or single-colored purse would go well with my new shoes. What do you think?

    I absolutely :heart: my new shoes, they are really gorgeous. I used to not understand why people spend so much money on shoes, but now I totally get it. When I saw these shoes, it was like heaven shining light on them, with angels singing in the back. :drool: Every girl needs a pair (or a lot of pair) of pretty shoes, right?

    Thanks for looking and I wish you all a happy early new year! May next year bring peace to those who are in turmoil, food for those who are hungry, and lovely purses for my equally lovely fellow purse forum ladies. ;)
    azur.jpg cles.jpg shoes.jpg inclusion.jpg
  2. nice stuff, love the inclusion ring
  3. Ooh congrats! I love the Azur mini and the Inclusion ring!
  4. Congrats!!! Nice purchases:smile:
  5. Congrats love the loot!!!:nuts:
  6. Congrats!!! Love your shoes:drool:
  7. Congrats!

    :heart: everything. IA you need a Mini Lin Speedy to match those cute shoes!
  8. nice stuff. i LMAO at the angels singing. i totally feel that way about some things.
  9. I love everything, especially the inclusion ring!
  10. INCLUSION! cute!
  11. congrats on your new goodies :wlae:

    how about an Epi Speedy in moka instead of the Mini Lin Speedy? matching monogram shoes and monogram bag in one outfit might look a bit contrived. jmho :yes:
  12. Conrgats! Nice variety of cute stuff! :love:
  13. Congratulations.
  14. I :heart: your shoes that pointy toe! Very flattering! I want that ring!!!
    Congrats, Happy New Year & enjoy!
  15. LOVE the shoes!!! I'm so jealous! :drool: Happy New Year!!!