come come - take a look - LV & Stuff

  1. Very nice!
  2. They are much prettier in your pix than the LV website. I haven't seen them IRL but they are gorgeous and I'm sure gives you great pleasure looking at them on your wrist!
  3. Thank you very much!

    Thanks for taking a look at my collection!
    And jep, I sooo love to look at them on my wrist, specially the pink on in the sun; there is a hidden shimmer to it ;)
  4. Beautiful collection. I especially love the epi speedy with the charm....gorgeous
  5. Awwe, that is so nice to say! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look :smile:
  6. nice vernis collection
  7. Love the Gucci coordination, nice collection!
  8. Thank you very much! I really hope they will release something in a Vernis kahki color soon. I would love to add a kahki bag to those :smile:

    Aww, thank you so much! I just added a few days ago some purple high heels to my Gucci Collection!
  9. Your EPI Black is to die for!
  10. I love your longchamp collection! Thanks for sharing!
  11. thank you very much. I really love that bag.
    thanks a lot for stopping by and taking a look. I just bought a new Longchamp bag as a GYS Bag for travel. I really should post some new pics later
  12. A few weeks ago I bought a Longchamp Bag for my GYM stuff. It is the Surf small in grey


    Really great bag and it holds a lot!

    Other than that I got some new Shoes!
    Purple Gucci heels and metallic Guess ones


    The Gucci heels are soooo compfy! I really love them and the color is just awesome!
  13. Great Collection. It is really not that small
  14. Thank you for stopping by!
    And kinda true, it is growing with every month.
  15. Love your collection:smile: