come come - take a look - LV & Stuff

  1. Hello Purse-Lovers,

    Now I wanna share my small but fine Collection with you.
    Fortunately or unfortunately I'm working downtown and next to the fab shopping Street with LV, Gucci, Tiffany, Burberry, Venetta Bottega, Cartier and all those really really georges stores... so mostly every day I'm passing all those stores and doing mostly window shopping (one can't afford a bag every day!).
    But from time to time I pick up a little something ;)

    Here we go!

    First my LV Stuff

    Petite Mon Coeur in rose Pop
    Wilshire Bld. In rose Pop
    Brac. Inclusion in rose Pop
    Brac. Inclusion in rouge fauxviste
    Wilshire PM in rouge fauxviste

    EPI black
    Poch. Clefs
    Speedy 25
    Pte Cles Pte Adr Graphite
    Brac. Inclusion black

    Damier Azur
    Speedy 25
    Poch. Clefs
    Pte Cles Pastilles Mono
    Pte Cles Marina Azur
    Brac. Inclusio clear

    Damier Ebene
    Speedy 25
    Poch. Clefs
    Pte Cles Cadenas mv. Vi.
    Zippy Coin Purse
    Belt Ellipse 30
    Animania Lapin
    Brac. Inclusion
    Agenda Fonctionel PM

    EPI Ivoire
    Poch. Clefs
    Mini Carre sw Flower
  2. Now it is Gucci Time :cool:

    My first Gucci Pumps and a Belt-Bag (how you call 'em?)

    Now my Loafer and Cleo a Bagcharm (I'm so into cats)

    Then my I-Pad Case and my fiance sneakers (they match so nicely)
  3. Here we got with my fab My Flat in London Bug Bag

    My Longchamps of this years Collection for Grocery Shopping

    My other Longchamp Bags

    And some more with a Bagcharm and a cosmetic Pouch

    Hope you enjoyed my Colletion and stay tuned Ladies ;)
  4. Beautiful Collection. It's really not small. Enjoy
  5. Lovely collection. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thank you! :smile:

    @mlag724: small because when I showed the Pics to my fiance he just said: "that's all? Thought you had more Stuff in that Bag Closet of yours!"

    I really enjoy my Collection. Everyday I open that Door and ask myself: hmmm, which bag will it be today and with what Charms and Bracelets :smile: and that really makes me so happy!!!
  7. An amazing collection! It's anything but small I loved how diverse it is color wise. Enjoy:kiss::smooch::smooch:;):smile::smile:
  8. Thanky Lucca23 :smile:

    I'm still lookin for a perfect blue Vernis one!
    But unfortunately the blue colors so far always weren't the right ones.
    Hopefully they get one time a real navy blue one out!

    My fist bag was the Speedy 25 in Damier Azur!
    And I still love that one most.
    Second comes the Vernis in rose Pop, cauz that one my fiance bought as a present when he popped THE question to me! It was just a perfect gift for me ;)
  9. Great collection! :flowers:
  10. Maybe you can lend some advice..... I'm in the market for an evening clutch preferably with a strap and not to small. Any suggestions? I've had my eye on the LV Sunset but it's sold out in stores and on line.
  11. Love how you grouped your LVs by material! You're totally inspiring me to buy an inclusion bracelet in Noir to wear whenever I carry my black Epi Brea MM :p
  12. Great collection!! It's obvious you put a lot of thought into each piece. I like your Longchamps too--I've been eyeing them lately in the store!!:smile:
  13. love it all your louis vuitton collection is amazing
  14. Beautiful collection... I love the POP ROSE LV.
  15. hmmm, it's a shame they don't make these Lexingtons anymore! They woulda be perfect. Maybe you can ask your SA if they can order you one Sunset from another Store? So you can take a look and try it out!?
    I pretty much love those Pochettes for a casual evening. But for a classy one they are "just a little to plain"... I have a classy one from Hugo Boss (hmm, why didn't I took a Pic of that one for my collection???) I'll add a Pic later for you to take a look.

    Ahhh, thanky! And yeha! Go for that Inclusion! I love them so much and you can combine them with your daily Jewelery.

    Thanks hon! Jep, I always think twice about a purchase and look into my collection first whats missing ;)
    And go for those Longchamps! They are longwearing and not that expensive. I think the brown one is , like 5 Years old now!? And I really love to use them for a visit to the Zoo or stuff like that.

    Thanky Dear!

    First: whos that in your Avatar??? So cute!

    Second: Thanky so much! I'm wearing the Rose Pop Today :smile: