Come check out my New Sally!!

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  2. She is very pretty!!:drool::drool::drool: Congrats!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Thank u!! I bought this really on impulse! Was searching for a purple Sally after going thr the many Sally threads but it seems to be sold out everywhr! I m still on my high on the purchase. :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Verrrrry nice, and very ladylike!! :graucho:
    Is this the beginning of a Chloe collection? ;)
  5. Thanks Parson russell! I am not too sure though but the SA did mentioned that this is a new design.
  6. Bueatiful classic and neutral bag...I bet it would go with anything you wear!
  7. Wow congrats! :yahoo: Lovely bag, never seen it without the gold around the edges before, it looks really nice!
  8. Beautiful timeless bag - congrats!!
  9. Lovely Sally, the shade is so cuteee :nuts:.
    Congrats on a very classic bag!
  10. Thank u! I m loving d Sally! Will try to locate the purple Sally n add it to d family!:happydance:
  11. gorgeous! I'm currently lusting over the power blue sally from the new accessory pics.
  12. love your beautifully pebbled Sally -- congrats!
  13. i love your new bag:biggrin: congrats:yahoo: