Come check out my new little, pretty one!

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  1. Thanks again ladies for stopping by and being so sweet! :biggrin: May you all find equally awesome deals on your next purchases! :tup: ;)
  2. that looks great on you and what a great deal you got! :tup:
  3. sweet and cute.. congrats on the fantastic price :tup:
  4. so pretty and what an AMAZING deal!!!!! congrats!
  5. That's such a lovely bag, and an incredible deal! Congratulations!
  6. love the colour!
  7. Very cute! You scored big with that price and it looks great on you.
  8. that is definitely a major SCORE! :nuts: Congrats on your new Camilla! Peanut is a great color. I love it :yes:
  9. any chance there are anymore camilas there? i guess i should just call...
  10. Congratulations! This is a very cute bag and it looks like perfect size when you carry it! Very chic!
  11. ah i love that bag! that is such an awesome deal! congrats :smile:
  12. HOLY DEAL!!! :faint:
  13. super super cute bag. and what a great deal. congrats!
  14. This thread was from awhile ago. I doubt there are any left, but you should call.
  15. perfect size for you!