Come check out my new items

  1. I am so excited a few of my bags have finally arrived. Can you guess what they are?

    So very excited.:yahoo:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. more pics
  3. Oooh, 3 bags? I am already wishing these were mine!
  4. More pics please..
  5. Pics please ! :popcorn:
  6. ahhhh- I hate these teaser threads! :p
  7. give my two secs. need to formate smaller pics.
  8. THe one on the right--- Speedy 30????? OR sth in Rita?? OR Saleya?............Just a wild guess...

    Please reveal ur babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: I wanna see I wanna see
  9. can i see your pics of aurelia(modeling)?:p
  10. PoohBeez you are GOOD. you got 2 out of three correct. Posting some pics now.
  11. BeiBei, I don't have any pics modeling the aurelia but I can take some if you like. Which color, I have it in black and white.
  12. First bag MC Speedy black. I am so in love, now I have both colors.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  13. Show us!!!
  14. yes please. :yes: i love the black one, by the way, is the one you have aurelia mm?
  15. beautiful!!!!! congrats!!!!!!