Come check out my Massive MbMJ SPECIAL ITEMS Haul!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was inspired by my fellow TPF'ers to do a massive special items order! Everything was ordered from the LA MbMJ store. I decided to get a lot at once, since it is a $20 flat rate shipping charge!

    Here's the big box! Sooo exciting!
    MbMJ Special Items 001.resized.jpg
  2. Here are the bags...

    -the PanAm Explorer
    -white Los Angeles Tote
    3 (yes, 3!) black Canvas Totes
    MbMJ Special Items 002.resized.jpg MbMJ Special Items 003.resized.jpg MbMJ Special Items 004.resized.jpg
  3. the 3 black canvas totes...
    MbMJ Special Items 005.resized.jpg
  4. And more...

    -25 (!) Bandaid keychains
    -Key necklace
    MbMJ Special Items 007.resized.jpg MbMJ Special Items 006.resized.jpg MbMJ Special Items 008.resized.jpg
  5. Last but not least....

    heart compact in silver

    MbMJ Special Items 009.resized.jpg
  6. Great huge haul!! :tup: You'll love the Pan Am Explorer. I use mine all the time!
  7. thanks, luvpurses24! I know I'm getting on the PanAm bandwagon a little late, but I can't wait to use this as a weekend/overnighter bag!
  8. Great haul!! I love their stuff... being in the MBMJ store is like being in a candy store.
  9. gosh, now i'm really tempted to get one of those pan am bags too. i've been thinking about it. heehee...

    great stuff! you must have been so excited to receive that package! :yahoo: it's almost like christmas! heehee...
  10. Wow, that's quite a haul...very nice!!
  11. Congrats!

    I just got the white LA canvas tote, 5 animal pencil sharpeners, and two of those heart compact mirrors (red & black) in the mail today. I was sooo excited. :biggrin:
  12. I love everything! Congrats!
  13. does anyone know if the US stores ship to europe?
  14. I'm not sure but have you tried calling the London store?
  15. yeah. but they don't ship outside of the uk for some reason. plus, it's a marc jacobs store, most of the special items are marc by marc jacobs. they wouldn't have those, right?