Come celebrate with me! My very first LV!

  1. Hi guys!

    I got totally depressed today when I found out that the Tivoli PM did not have adjustable handles. So bf took me to the nearest LV and we went out buying the Epi Madeleine GM in black! I am soooo happy!!! :yahoo: At first when I went into the store, I told myself that as a first piece, I only wanted something in monogram. But when I saw the Epi Madeleine GM in the shelf, I fell in love :love: with it!

    Will post some pics soon! :biggrin:
  2. cant wait to see pics!! congrats!!
  3. Congratulations i cant wait for the pics.
  4. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!! I LOVE that bag. I was just looking at it tonight when I was at LV... It is going to be my next bag for sure.
  5. Congrats!!! Cant wait to see pics...
  6. congrats! can't wait for pics!
  7. Congrats!! How exciting!
  8. congrat!
  9. congrats!! i can't wait to see pics!
  10. Congrats!!

    Can't wait to see photos.
  11. Cool! I glad you fell in love with another bag!
  12. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  13. Great choice for your 1st LV. :tup:


    Looking forward to seeing the pics.
  14. yay, congrats! can't wait for the pics!
  15. guys, here are some of the pics that i managed to take :tup: modeling pics soon since I am already in my jammies and I have to think of something really nice to wear to match this awesome bag! :wlae:
    DSCN1456.JPG DSCN1458.JPG DSCN1459.JPG