Come celebrate the end of my 8 month LV drought...

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  1. By now I'm sure you all are sick and tired of seeing roses on the forum lol. I just realized that this past friday was the first time in 8 months that I've bought an LV (last was watercolor speedy and tahitienne). Don't ask me how I did it or resisted lol.

    I flew into Honolulu thursday night in preparation to stand in line early Friday morning. Apparently, I must be the most craziest LV fan because I was the only one there for about an hour LOL. I met a lot of people that day, so it was a really fun trip to LV. I also got a little treat from my lovely SA too.

    Anywho, I'm not into long drawn out reveals so onto the pics!!!

    Roses NF!!

    The print on the other side:


    I love the vibrant colors!

    The cute pink lining is what sold it for me!

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  2. after the drought... LoVe blooms ;)

  3. wow such great pictures, oh and what did you get from your SA :graucho:
  4. thanks DD! it was so exciting for me. i really missed the "chase" for LV hehe.

    here's the extra gift my SA gave me!


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  5. niiice, what a nice SA you got. makes me want a regular one.
  6. i know the feeling. my last major purchase was Damier Graphite Tadao. im really excited about Graffiti.
  7. congrats on ending your drought with the roses NF....isn't the lining adorable...totally worth the interisland jaunt!....
  8. I just came back from a self-imposed ban myself so I know how it feels :yes: Congrats on your very beautiful Rose Neverfull, it's the perfect come-back bag.
    As dd said, after the drought, LoVe blooms. :smile:
  9. Caley, your pictures are beautiful! Glad you got to take them. Sounds like you had an awesome trip to pick up your bag.

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    sxcruz: someone like me who island hops needs to have a regular SA. mine puts up with me so much, with my endless questions and info that i get from here lol. thanks!! :tup:

    DD: yeah i'm super excited for graffiti. i'm making the trip again for it. my family thinks i'm nuts, though my mom wants to join in. she thinks its fun.

    deem0nessa: thanks!! :smile: and most definitely! ala moana provides such excellent service which is why i want to fly there to buy stuff.
  11. Gorgeous bag. Congrats! What a nice SA to give you a VIP gift! x
  12. freshmess: thanks! sometimes bans can be good. this time felt even more exciting since it had been so long.

    RG: thanks to you for helping me figure out which one to get!

    skyrider007: thanks! i was shocked by the gift. i'm seriously such a small customer that she totally threw me off guard when she brought it to me.
  13. Congrats!! Awesome bag to end LV drought :smile:
  14. What a wonderful end to your LV drought ... congrats on your Roses NF as well as your extra LV treat.
  15. What a great way to celebrate! Congrats! :yahoo: