COme and see why I like being by the 'sea' soo much!! ^_^

  1. YAY!!! She is here!!!
    My 2nd Chloe in a week!!!
    I would first off like to say thank you to the wondeful PFer that let me be her Mummy!!:flowers:

    I am in :heart:. The colour, how she sparkles in the light, her size, her shape, pockets, everything!!!:love:
    I am now in the BAY CLUB!!!:nuts:
    Come and see my new baby, i love, love, love her ~ my spy will now be down graded!!Lol!!
    Welcome my patent noir quilted bay!!

    Yummy quilted front:


    Slim line back:

  2. Curvy side shot:


    Strike a pose!:


    Mommy bay, and baby bay:


    Enjoy xx
  3. Congratulations, beautiful patent Bay.
  4. LuvaPug - She is beautiful - congratulations:tup::yahoo:
  5. Thank you ladies!!! I can't wait to take her out!! =)
  6. Color??? What is it? I was expecting the new sea green patent but it's not. In the first picture it looks like a deep purple (then I'm thinking what lovely tPF would sell their purple patent Bay; is she nuts??) and now your Bay looks black??

    It is absolutely breath taking.'ll reach for this purse type ad nauseum..
  7. ^ Lol!! Sorry yes it's patent noir! Lol, when I said I loved the colour, i am quite sad in the fact i do love black patent! To me it is a colour!

    Thank you!! xx
  8. OMG That's so hot!!! i love it! Congrats! :girlsigh:
  9. so beautiful luva pug!x

    i have yet to become a member of this club!!!!
  10. oooooooh, so pretty. And so shiny, looks like you could see ur face in it:smile:
    Great bag, enjoy her :flowers:
  11. BMB: Yes you have to join the club!!! Thank you x
    Kaiie: I know you want one!! Lol, i will convince you to get a bay!!
    Cat: Lol, yes I know, i could probably use her as a mirror!!

    I am itching to take her out!! Come on 6pm, lol im going shopping so yay, our first outing together!! Lol!!
  12. That
  13. That bag is just lovely. Congratulations and celebrations!!!
  14. Gorgeous! I love it!:yahoo:

    I'm just waiting for my Black Quilted Bay to arrive (non-patent) and I hope it looks as yummy as yours :love:
  15. That bag is fabulous!! Enjoy