Come and see whats stepped out of heaven!!! ^_^

  1. Let me introduce my gorgeous Violet Step!!:love:
    The colour is just amazing, so deep and saturated!

    The leather is gorgeous, thickier than my cornflower but still as soft/ wet almost!

    Really like the style, havent carried her yet, just got her, more of a structured bag so i am thinking it is more dressy?

    The zips on the inside and outside are way bigger than the city and it still fits a ton!:yes:

    Sooo here is the second member of my tiny family!!:yahoo:


    I love the leather on the side of the bag the most!
  2. [​IMG]


  3. [​IMG]


    Also, I think the leather on the back is from the back of the goat, and it is goat leather, i checked!
    Can you see, it is like its the spine?! xx
  4. Congrats on your new member of the family. :tup:

    The bag looks nice on you and the color is TDF.
  5. Conngratulations, it is gorgeous! I love the step!
  6. ooh its lovely, and looks great on you!
  7. :yahoo:Congrats on your new gorgeous Bbag!!
  8. :woohoo: CONGRATS! The leather looks really good.... :tup:
  9. Luva- congrats girlie!!

    You look HOTTT!! Love violet!!:love::love:
  10. congrats girlie!
  11. Thanks everyone!!
    Loth, lol, i look such a mess!! I sware I have just come back from uni, i will take some nicer pics of me for the visuals thread!!

    I have packed her away, im too scared to touch her! Its my first BN Bal and i dont want to hurt her!!!
  12. Any ideas with the 'spine' on the back? xx
  13. It looks fabulous on you! I love love love the shape of the Step! And the violet is so rich and beautiful, you scored a GORGEOUS bag! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations! I also have a Violet Step which I love. The shape is a pleasent change from the city or twiggy, and the color is so rich. I love it!
  15. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous bag - that leather is some of the best leather I have ever seen! :nuts: I think your bag is a classic bag that you can keep forever - classic shape, great size, the best leather, and divine color.:drool: BTW, I saw in your signature line that you are in dental school - my husband is an orthodontist - a lot of my friends are in the dental profession. Good luck on your career - it is a great choice! OT: Dentists didn't fall into the managed health care trap, so they have been able to make a much better living than physicians. :tup: