Come and see what the UPS man brought!!!!!!

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  1. :graucho: Are you ready for this? ARE YOU!!??
  2. yes!!!!!!!!! Show me!!!!

  3. Yes!!!
  4. grr lol show us!
  5. Hmmmmmm, are you sure????? Can you handle it!?
  6. I can handle the truth!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Hmmm, okay Dee, Im starting to believe you!

    How about just a peek of dainty tassel for you???

  8. :amazed:

    What color is that madam?? It looks gorgeous already.. And it's just the tassel!!! :nuts:
  9. Show more... Pleeeeez......
  10. Refresh. Refresh. And what is attached to those lovely tassels?
  11. It looks a bit like a dark grey with silver hardware?!?!? Oh the excitment
  12. Hehehehehehehh
  13. Ohhhhh, okay! I won't torture you ladies anymore!
  14. is it your second black/basketweavE?
  15. :woohoo:What is it?