Come and see! Pics of the baby Birkin and Kelly

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  1. Hi everyone, was walking through the new IFC mall the other day (in shanghai), and saw this in hermes's display, just thought some of you might be interested to see this little baby next to its big sister, so here we go!:biggrin:

    by the way, can anyone tell me how i can post larger pics, the original pics are much larger and clearer, but i had to shrink it so small so it wil fit as an attachment!

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  2. Wow - cannot wait to see more.....

  3. to enlarge pics - you click on the pic, copy the link, click on the postcard icon at the top of the reply box, paste the link and you should get the larger image :biggrin:
  4. awww that's really cute!!
  5. It's so adorable! I want one!
  6. And the baby comes with a shoulder strap? Looks really cute. I wonder if it's for sale or just a display piece.
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    Last edited: Sep 2, 2010
  8. Is this the mini Birkin for SS11? It's very early! We still haven't seen the SO Black for AW10 yet!

    It's super cute!
  9. got it! here's the larger pics, hoho

  10. Hi Hermes FSH, yes i thought it was a bit early also, the store only opened recently, so maybe it is only for display purposes, maybe i will check the next time i go there, and see if i can find out the price~
  11. Thank you! It's lovely but I heard the price is :nuts::nuts:!:P:biggrin:
  12. Very beautiful photo!!! Thanks for sharing!! It does look like the mini for s/s 2011.
  13. Thanks for sharing!really cute and beautiful!
  14. the colour in the photo is a bit off, the mini birkin is in a shade of light red, and in epsom leather.