Come and see! New Chelsea Mineral Hobo I got for the PCE!

  1. Hey Everyone:

    I just wanted to share pictures of my new Chelsea
    Hobo No. 10959 and the matching Wristlet No. 40797.
    I was able to order these Items for the PCE even though
    they are in the new catalog which comes out on Friday,
    June 22nd. The color is a deep azure blue/sea green.
    It is really nice and lays great on the shoulder. I did also buy the New Ladie flats No. Q225 and the new Legacy Scarf No. 98210. I really like the Hobo. The color is gorgeous and the detailing on the side strap is awesome.
    IMG0001_13.jpg IMG0001_12.jpg IMG0001_16.jpg IMG0001_15.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous! :drool: How big is the wristlet?
  3. OOOH!!!! :drool: Congratulations!!!! I absolutely :heart: your scarf and matching flats! Too CUTE!

    The color of your hobo is so pretty! I love the blue! :tup:
  4. So pretty! Love the color!
  5. Pretty color!!

    How were you able to order the scarf? I called the 888 number to ask about the scarves and they said they wouldn't be available until late July.
  6. What an interesting color! I love the wristlet. Do you mind me asking how much it was? And I'm dying for those legacy flats!!
  7. What a beautiful color! :wlae:
  8. love the color, congrats.
  9. That bag is gorgeous! I love it!

    You said it lays great on the shoulder - does the turnlock dig into your body at all when you carry it? I may HAVE to have this bag, but I was a little concerned about the turnlock on top...
  10. The wristlet measures 7 1/2 " accross the front and is
    4 1/2 " high. It has a depth of 1 1/2 " so it can hold alot of stuff. It is roomy and has small pocket inside and a ring where you can attach your keyfob.
  11. The straps are long enough that it does not dig into your armpit (I guess Coach addressed this issue). I even tried it on with my tweed winter coat and had plenty of room. It is really a nice bag.
  12. Wow, Liz, you scored big time. Modeling pics? Don't be shy :smile:
  13. Wow. That sounds delicious! :drool:

  14. The wristlet was $98, but I got it with the discount for the PCE.
  15. OMG, they're beautiful!!

    How are the flats fitting- true to size?