Come and see my PCE purchase!!!

  1. I'm not sure if you ladies prefer shoes over bags sometimes...but this time I had a REALLY hard time deciding!
    But finally after several days of waiting I got the my Millie boots!...The SA placed the order for me over the phone but I didn't care! and since I didn't want to walk out of the store empty handed, I also got the wristlet in clay and 2 ponytail scarves.
    Hello Fall! I can't wait to wear my sexy boots!!!:heart::yahoo::heart::yahoo:
    oh by the way, my husband loved them! He thinks I'm crazy because my obsession with Coach; but this time he said: PLEASE KEEP THEM! HA!
  2. those are H-O-T...hmm...i wonder why your DH wants you to keep them?..:p..and nice work on the scarves and the wristlet!!
  3. ooooh those are nice! You have great taste! I love your scarves too!:tup:
  4. Thank you!;)
  5. oh, those boots are too cute. they will go great with that puffy jacket they have coming out...
  6. rockin boots!
  7. Hot boots!