Come and see my new purchases (vernis violette inside)

  1. I'm so happy today, saw on TPF the other day that violette has arrived in Australia so I thought i better pay the store a visit, and here are what I came home with :yahoo:

    1. Amarante sunset boulevard
    2. violette zippy wallet
    3. violette inclusion bracelet PM
    4. Amarante pochette cles cadenas


    Saw the violette bellevue GM and PM, they will be launched on the 11th of Jan, and I'll be taking the PM :smile:

    GM comes in amarante and violette
    PM comes in pomme and violette

    although i like the pomme better, i have too many items in pomme, so taking the violette

    violette inclusions are very cute, a lot lighter than the bags,
    violette and peppermint (pale) hair cubes are so cute~ too bad my hair is short atm,

    new necklaces and bracelets in sweet monogram range ~~~
    DSC00406.JPG DSC00415.JPG DSC00428.JPG DSC00438.JPG DSC00444.JPG
  2. here is violette and amarante together,

    sorry about the photo quality, will try better next time :smile:
  3. wow the color of the vernis violette is stunning.
    and thanks for the comparison photo.
    congrats on your purchases
  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lordy! that is soooo pretty!! LOVE IT!!!
  5. I LOVE your Violette - how does the fingerprints compare to the Amarante?
  6. Oh #$%^& i was hoping to hate the colour. Darn it, this will now have to go on my wish list. :p
  7. the color is gorgeous!! congrats on your purchase
  8. WOW I like the violette! LOVE EVERYTHING! Congrats!
  9. thank you all, i just couldn't wait to share my new babies~~~

    the fingerprints on the violette are not as visible as the amarante, but as it is very hot in melbourne today (riched a top of 40degrees celcius!!!), i managed to get my fingerprints on the zippy wallet :sad:

    nevertheless, i'm happy with it~ reade pm actually looks really cute in this colour!!! i would have bought it today, if i didn't have that many reades:sad:

    amarante came with a wipe cloth, i guess i can use it with the violette as well...

    my SA said the new cles will be launched with the new bellevue PM and fingers crossed, getting them both~~
  10. Wow, those are pretty!
    Is the Violette Inclusion close to the old Rose color? It looks really similar from that pic.
  11. Congrats! But I still have too see this color IRL to appreciate the it.
  12. FINALLY someone purchased something Violette!!!! I like the haul you came home with... especially the Sunset!!!
  13. yeh...that's what i thought too, but it is a bit more 'purplish' than the old rose, and the crystals are violette :smile: (similar to the vernis leather goods)...
    they called it lilac, but it's really the violette inclusions :graucho:

    thanks John 5, to be honest, i was quite surprised that no TPFer has posted any pix yet.

    oh, the green inclusion hair cube i saw...just makes me wonder..just a bit....perhaps there will be a new green?
  14. Ah, ok. I may be skipping this one though, even though it's really pretty, since I have the rose bangle.
    Also, did you say you saw the peppermint? How does that one look?
  15. yep, it's pale peppermint?! i can't really describe it, but it is a little ligher than the old peppermint.. and it's a hair cube (set with the violette)...but i liked the colour.. i wish i had long hair..:drool:

    oops...just realised, the crystals!