Come and see my new HAC...

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I hope you are doing well and in good health. I just wanted to share my new bag. I have always been fond of the aesthetic design of the Sac haut à courroies and have been contemplating of getting one in a dark neutral color. To my suprise a week ago, I found this elegant bag on the shelf at our local H boutique. Without further ado, let me present to you my new 40cm haut à courroies in black fjord leather with palladium hardware. Thanks for visiting.

    Best Regards,
    noir_fjord_hac40_phw_i.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_h.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_a.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_b.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_c.jpg
  2. Here are some more photos:
    noir_fjord_hac40_phw_g.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_d.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_e.jpg noir_fjord_hac40_phw_f.jpg
  3. Oh my - J you always find the best stuff! (and post such great pics)

    Congratulations on your new HAC, may you wear it in health and happiness :drinkup:
  4. Congratulations on your new addition! It's gorgeous and beautifully photographed. A very masculine bag. Will you treat us to some action pics?
  5. Outstanding, JH! It's beautiful!:heart:
  6. Yes, please?
  7. Congrats... this bag is really going to look good on you. What a nice bag. Can't wait for your modelling shots...

  8. Beautiful, love the leather texture in that size!
  9. Stunning beauty!!!
  10. That's a beautiful and smart looking bag and once again I'm drooling over your pippa stool. Congrats on your new purchase - you have one of the most stylish collections, would love to see a 'family' pic of all your collection (hint, lol)
  11. I just love it!!!! she's stunning!!!! can u plz show us some action pics.....
  12. Oh, that's a true dream bag! Congratulations. Yes, I would also love to see some action/modeling photos. Just cannot get too much of a good thing.
  13. Congrats Jaeger !!!
    It's gorgeous !!!
    Black Fjord+PF+ HAC 40cm= Perfect Bag Combo for a man ...
    well at least one of the perfect combo ;) !!!
  14. Congratulations for your new HAC!
  15. J, sooo perfect for you! what a spectacular bag!